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Innovators of Indoor Biking

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Fresh Educational and Enrichment Solutions for Instructors, Studios, Health Clubs and Individual Members.

About BeatBoss™


We are a GAME-CHANGING indoor biking company that provides top-notch instructor certification with continuing education plus instructor coaching. BeatBoss™ is uniquely inspired by THREE biking styles: ROAD, MOUNTAIN & BMX.  BeatBoss™ is a super fun blend of ROAD READY METRICS and riding the beat.

We are a PROUD education provider through SCW, ACE, AFAA, and NASM. 






Joella Hopkins​

At EōS Fitness we are fully committed to providing exceptional G-Fit (group fitness) classes with elite instructors and excellent programming. By partnering with Andrea and Robert with BeatBoss, we know we are delivering not only an amazing, safe and effective workout for our members in our cycling classes, but just as importantly they are having a great time in every class. With fantastic music and rhythm based rides, Beat Boss brings the FUN! All are welcome and the environment in class is one where everyone feels welcome and leaves feeling successful! It’s comforting to know we don’t have to worry about safety and quality. Our instructors and members are truly embracing this format. We are very happy with our current relationship, and excited for the future and what’s still to come!


Carol Wallace

My journey to becoming a BeatBoss™️ Certified Instructor began in January of 2019. I had been teaching cycle beforehand under another certification before attending my first BeatBoss™️ class. The moment I took a cycle class of this kind I was hooked. I knew this was far and above any other type of cycle class I had ever taken before and knew I needed this certification. After going through the process of certification I was completely convinced this was going to be a life changing experience for me as an instructor. The support I received after becoming a BeatBoss™️ Instructor has been ongoing and still continues for me today. BeatBoss™️ has provided me with so many resources to use to help me excel as an instructor from the Instructor Portal to the OnDemand classes. BeatBoss™️ has also changed who I am personally. I feel more confident as an instructor with the BeatBoss™️ certification behind me. I know the format of BeatBoss™️ Indoor Cycle is designed to be a safe cycle class which is inclusive to all skill levels. It has also changed me at the professional level as well. I was a Physical Education Teacher for 30 years before retiring in 2020. I now define myself as a Fitness Professional in Group Fitness and Personal Training. I currently teach six group exercises classes a week. Four classes of which are cycle. I call it a perfect trifecta. Each area leads into each other with personal training, BeatBoss™️ Cycle, and Strength Training group classes. Getting a BeatBoss™️ Certification has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Randy Robinson

I have been a cycle instructor since August 2019. I have been BeatBoss certified since February 2022. I have 3 cycle certifications. BeatBoss™️ hands down has been the most valuable of the three! I truly never used much of anything from the other two certifications. BeatBoss™️ not only teaches the basics, they really guide you through the whole process and provide ongoing support and continued education. I love it because it does not take away the Free-Style aspect. BeatBoss™️ provides guidance. Most cycle instructors learn the craft by copying drills they have seen other instructors do or finding drills online and then creating their own rides from that. That is ok, but it is quite time consuming and you always have to wonder if some of those drills are proven safe. With BeatBoss™️, they provide an infinite library of drills and upper body add-ons and even recommended music, if you just need something quick in a pinch, or you can always curate your own music to make it personal for you and your members. By using the BeatBoss™️ drills and upper body add-ons I know, without any doubt, that what I am teaching is proven safe and effective. Additionally, if I have questions, concerns, or suggestions, a message to BeatBoss™️ Headquarters almost always gets a reply within just minutes. They also foster strong relationships within the instructor community, both at the gyms that you teach at and worldwide online. I have found some of the best friends of my life within this community! I love it and the members love it! It is a win-win! BeatBoss™️ Rocks!


Brittney Scott

In 2017, I embarked on my weight loss and fitness journey. Initially, I embraced group fitness classes, focusing on strength training. However, my quest for a more balanced routine led me to discover the exhilarating world of cycle classes. Eager to infuse cardio into my regimen, I soon found myself addicted and determined to become a certified instructor. Cycle classes eventually lost their luster, prompting me to seek fresh inspiration. That's when I stumbled upon BeatBoss™️ and its invigorating "party on a bike" philosophy. Every aspect resonated with me, fueling my desire to teach it. Unfortunately facing challenges during the demanding training, from mastering music beats to RPM counts, I initially left on the first day (after the lunch break!). Almost a year later, my manager encouraged me to revisit BeatBoss training, recognizing my unwavering passion. This time, I was fully committed. I persevered through the rigorous two-day training, passed my videos, earning my well-deserved BeatBoss™️ Certification. This accomplishment not only strengthened me physically but also mentally. The continuing education provided by BeatBoss™️ is unparalleled. Monthly playlists, master classes, and comprehensive instruction elevate the experience, setting it apart from other formats. As a proud certified BeatBoss™️ instructor, I am delighted to witness the positive reception from my classes.


Cecilia Kelly Pius

I have been certified in BeatBoss™️ since August 2018. Prior to that, I had been teaching a sometimes rhythmic, but always musically-driven, “road style” biking class for over 10 years using a combination of the two other indoor cycling certifications I had under my belt. I can say without any hesitation that BeatBoss™️ has made me a better instructor in every aspect. Every single drill and action component we use in our classes is designed by the BeatBoss™️ master trainers with purpose, giving instructors a highly coachable workout that anyone, regardless of age, ability or fitness level, can accomplish. The fitness industry often isn’t considered the most welcoming, inclusive world, which is an unfortunate but true reality. BeatBoss™️ consistently strives to break that perception and in doing so, we as instructors have the opportunity to see our riders and ourselves grow in ability and confidence with each and every class. BeatBoss™️ makes me a better because it gives me the tools to meet every single rider where they are. Most importantly the support of the master trainers is unmatched in the industry. I am so fortunate that BeatBoss™️ always are willing and ready to answer questions I might have about the continuing education and content they provide to their certified instructors each month. I would not hesitate to recommend the BeatBoss™️ Indoor Cycling Certification to anyone who wants to teach and has never done so, but especially to instructors looking to level up their skills and knowledge of indoor cycling principles and musicality.




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