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Welcome To IDEA® World 2022 LIVE
and your hub for BeatBoss™ ONDemand Sample Master Classes and Master Class Playlists That Were Played During The LIVE IN PERSON Master Classes at IDEA®

By viewing BeatBoss branded proprietary contents on this page or affiliated pages, social media pages and/or BeatBoss informational/training documents you agree to not hold BeatBoss, LLC and its representatives liable for any injury you might accrue. BeatBoss works hard to be safe and affective for all fitness levels and the content on this page is specifically geared toward introducing  viewers of all fitness levels to learn more about BeatBoss Indoor Biking and its Methodology. You also agree that you will not utilize the contents of this page or affiliated pages, social media pages and/or BeatBoss training documents or it's BeatBoss branded methodology in your classes or train others in indoor cycling utilizing your gained knowledge by attending this organized lecture/workshop and Master Classes. Only Certified BeatBoss Instructors can utilize BeatBoss Methodology to instruct classes and only authorized BeatBoss Headquarters staff are authorized to train and coach individuals in the branded format and methodology.

Questions? Reach out to us either phone, text  or email.

What is BeatBoss™ Indoor Biking? We are a science/evidence based, metrics plus rhythm (riding to the beat) indoor cycling Certification solution for Studio's/Health Clubs and individual instructors. BeatBoss™ is an education provider through SCW, NASM, ACE and AFAA that provides instructor certification, continuing education and coaching. We bring science and safety focused purpose to the party by being inspired uniquely by road, mountain and BMX biking for greater cross training focus and greater FUN!
We provide 4 Levels of BeatBoss™ Classes along with Classes that are specialty focused. The IDEA® World Virtual Master Classes Examples below are Level 1 Intro to BeatBoss™ Master Classes. All levels and abilities are welcome! We show modifications all throughout classes. 

Spotify Playlists That Correspond With The IDEA® World LIVE 2022 BeatBoss™ Master Classes

BeatBossONDemand™ Master Classes Examples For Your Enjoyment!

LIVEStreaming™ and ONDemand™ Master Classes can be viewed on a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop with or without ear buds. For optimum experience connect these devices to a smart TV or utilize an HDMI cable to TV plus connecting to a bluetooth external speaker. ENJOY THESE THREE SAMPLE CLASSES! TO FULLY SUBSCRIBE TO UNLIMITED MASTER CLASSES SIMPLY MESSAGE US.

NOTE: All BeatBoss™  rides correspond beautifully with a variety of bike brands and technology including: Life Fitness Coach By Color, Stages Flight System, MyZONE, and more!
BeatBossACTIVEAGING™ Master Class 
Level 1 "I've Fallen And I'm Strong Enough To Get Up"
BeatBossPOWER™ Master Class 
Level 1 "Party, Power & A Fresh Pioneering
Perspective Attainable for ALL"
BeatBossRHYTHM™ Master Class 
Level 1 "The Ultimate Party On The Bike With Purpose"
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